Courage is the ability to acknowledge and move past the fear in your life. Most of us are held back in some way by fear. It shapes our thoughts, actions and decisions, separating us from our true destiny. Most animals, and people, operate instinctively on fear. They are constrained by these instincts and beliefs, limiting their potential.

The Lion has the intellect to see the danger in situations and acknowledge the fear that follows. It acts with measure and decisiveness.

The Lion is a great leader, it is bold and brave, and equally, protective, kind and nurturing. The tribe feels secure under the leadership of the Lion. Through the removal of fear the Lion sees the truth. It has the confidence to act with a clear understanding of its skills and responsibilities.

When life seems overwhelming and you feel paralysed with indecision, call on the spirit of the lion to acknowledge and move past the fear that is clouding your ability to make decisions. The Lion is the King of the jungle, brave and confident with a humble authority. Ask yourself….What would the King do?

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